Bethlehem Lutheran Church

7500 State Road, Parma, Ohio, 44134 | Directions

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

7500 State Road
Parma, Ohio 44134
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  1. Blessed Truth for Believers

    John 14:15-21 · 5/21/2017

    Let us be informed and rejoice in God's countless blessings!

  2. Encouragement - In the Face of Discouragement!

    John 14:1-14 · 5/14/2017

    Jesus will take care of everything; He and the Father are one; and He will do whatever agrees with His will!

  3. Whose Voice Are YOU Hearing?

    John 10:1-10 · 5/7/2017

    Jesus identifies two different voices and two very different outcomes!

  4. Perspectives - Part 9: God the Father!

    Easter · 4/16/2017

    The Father planned our salvation; then accomplished it through Jesus! Let us ever repent, believe, and benefit!

  5. Perspectives - Part 8: The Centurion

    Good Friday · 4/14/2017

    This is the Passion Reading,plus a sermon on the Roman Centurion who was responsible for crucifying Jesus!

  6. Perspectives - Part 6: Judas

    Midweek Lent · 4/13/2017

    Will You Get What You Deserve, Like Judas?

  7. Holy Week Summary!

    Matthew Chapters 21-27 · 4/9/2017

    Has God made YOU holy through Jesus?

  8. Perspectives - Part 5: The Two Criminals

    Midweek Lent · 4/5/2017

    Sadly, the one seemed to be unrepentant to the end; but, amazingly, the Holy Spirit brought the other to sorrow, faith, and paradise!