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Bethlehem Lutheran Church

7500 State Road
Parma, Ohio 44134
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  1. Important Instructions from Jesus

    Matthew 10:5a, 21-33 · 6/25/2017

    How to deal with persecution; what it means to be a disciple; and the importance of confessing Jesus!

  2. Caring About the Lost!

    Matthew 9:35 - 10:8 · 6/18/2017

    Jesus not only cared for the lost but also took radical action; let us do the same!

  3. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

    Trinity · 6/11/2017

    The Holy Trinity - Notice the many references to the Three Persons in our Liturgy and Readings!

  4. A Pentecost Prophecy and the Power of the Holy Spirit

    John 7:37-39 · 6/4/2017

    Since the Spirit made a huge difference on the Day of Pentecost, may He also make a huge difference in the lives of believers today!

  5. We Have All Fallen, But the Father Has Picked Us Up through Jesus!

    John 17:1-11 · 5/28/2017

    Since we have dropped dead spiritually, God took radical action to make us alive through Jesus!

  6. A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing

    Hymn · 5/25/2017

    Lutheran Service Book 493

  7. Blessed Truth for Believers

    John 14:15-21 · 5/21/2017

    Let us be informed and rejoice in God's countless blessings!

  8. Encouragement - In the Face of Discouragement!

    John 14:1-14 · 5/14/2017

    Jesus will take care of everything; He and the Father are one; and He will do whatever agrees with His will!